Social engagement of Brick and Mortar vs eCommerce

Skylight is releasing this data and initial analysis as part of an ongoing series in 2017 exploring what we are calling the “Rise of the Nesting Economy”. Our research to-date indicates that 2017 could be a great year for online retailers, companies with richly-developed home entertainment platforms and for any business focused on products/services for the home or personal care. We believe that this speaks to a larger societal shift where disruption and uncertainty is more common than ever before.

Check out our Economic Flash Reports, which utilize techniques from our Centers of Research and Expertise, to show that a data-driven approach can significantly increase the impact of social media efforts for eCommerce companies.

What you'll find in your 2017 U.S. Economic Flash Report:

  • Brick & Mortar vs. eCommerce customer engagement
  • Which type of company sees more social engagement?
  • How does a company's brand message influence social outreach?

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